Environmental Policy

Environmental awareness forms a central feature of the business philosophy of Weilburger.

The company is therefore committed

  • by means of continual research and development to manufacture safe products, which in terms of constant improvement and safe working along the whole process chain, also protect the environment and people,
  • to manufacture and market these products in a way that conserves resources, protects employees, reduces emissions and implements the current guidelines, laws and regulations,
  • always to engage in an open dialogue and be transparent in the information provided to interested partners, residents, authorities and the general public.

In addition, Weilburger understands itself to be a multiplier

  • providing expert advice to customers on the choice of suitable products that help to reduce the customer’s emissions,
  • supporting customers to plan their facilities in such a way as to conserve resources,
  • carrying environmental awareness along the process chain beginning with our suppliers, through service providers as far as our customers who thus become involved in the continual improvement of environmental protection when starting to develop new products as well during the further development of existing products.

To this end, all employees are specifically trained so that it is clear to each individual what effect his own particular work has on the environmental balance of the company thus increasing their motivation to identify with the environmental philosophy of Weilburger.