News: WEILBURGER Graphics at the international CFTA conference

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, based in Gerhardshofen, Franconia, successfully participated at the international CFTA conference which took place in the Zámeček hotel in Mikulov, Czech Republic from April 26th until 27th. The CFTA is the Czech daughter federation of the European FTA, the European umbrella organization of the flexo industry. The FTA Europe represent the common interest of the European flexo industry and also provides a joint platform for the European flexo associations to encourage European exchanges, cooperation and general orientation of the regional offshoots. As a longstanding member of the German DFTA, WEILBURGER Graphics was invited by the Czech CFTA to present their high-quality inks and varnishes of the SENOFLEX® product classes. more

Protection, Functions, Design

We preserve and protect everywhere, create values and generate product benefits. We embellish your products and equip them with an inimitable visual appearance and haptics; being developers and manufacturers of functional coatings, we design surfaces enriching our daily life.

Weilburger functional coatings and paints/varnishes for industrial and consumer goods and special coatings for the graphic industry; This is our Weilburger world of coatings. Everywhere and unmistakably geared to perfection and improved into a coating solution. Weilburger coating solutions provide this on metal and plastics, wood and film as well as glass, ceramics or paper and cardboard.  They make the perfect surface everywhere.  

Our surfaces perform in more than 150 applications in everyday life. As a result, applications are as different as the carrier material: on a train, in a pan, on the stove or on eyeglass frames, on the product packaging and the toothpaste tube. Providing more than 15,000 recipes, we supply from development and the experience of being more than 100 years in the business exactly such expertise, our consistently excellent product quality demonstrates.

With passion, we apply our knowledge to develop the most appropriate coating solutions for our clients from almost any industrial sector. As globally operating company group we closely cooperate with our customers to develop the right product based on close communication.  

Thus, we design surfaces delighting and enriching us every day.