GREBLON® Non-Stick Technology


GREBLON® CEBTD – Always the right coating for housewares

GREBLON® is non-stick technology. Whether for cookware, electrical appliances, bakeware, tools or decorative coatings, GREBLON®’s wide range always offers the right solution for every application. GREBLON® non-stick coatings offer more than just a nice appearance. They guarantee an excellent result: when frying, baking, barbecuing, straightening or even when ironing. This means that frying pans, waffle irons, table barbecues, baking tins as well as garden shears can become the  products our customers imagine. With this, we always focus on the end customer.  The GREBLON® code represents the world of non-stick coatings simply and comprehensively. This means that our customers can communicate the quality of the coating to the end user. 



GREBLON® C – Cookware

Non-Stick Coatings for any kind of cookware (e.g. pans and cooking pots)

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Electrical Appliances

GREBLON® E – Electrical Appliances

Non Stick coatings for small electrical appliances (z.B. waffle iron, table top grills, sandwich toasters, hair straighteners, irons, egg, water or rice boilers)

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GREBLON® B – Bakeware

Non Stick coatings for bakeing forms (e.g.cake tin, baking tray, Gugelhupf ,or muffin tin)

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GREBLON® T – Tools

Non Stick coatings for garden tools (e.g. garden shears and saw blades) 

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Decorative Coatings

GREBLON® D – Decorative Coatings

Decorative exterior coatings for all kind of housewares

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More than just a material

GREBLON® PTFE and GREBLON® ceramic coatings are real trendsetters. They impress in all market sectors. On pans and pots, baking tins and trays as well as household appliances and scissors or rollers, they always bring the special group of requirements in terms of function and look, performance and economy to the substrate. In this way, they are more than just non-stick and »easy-to-clean« coatings for consumer goods and technical products. They are real product refinements with their range of functions.

GREBLON Keramik Schnittgrafik

GREBLON® ceramic coatings

A Substrat
B Primer
C Top Coat

Based on sol-gel technology, GREBLON® ceramic coatings are extremely hard and heat-resistant and come in brilliant colours. They combine this with the classic properties of good non-stick and easy-to-clean coatings, without using any fluoropolymers such as PTFE or emulsifiers such as PFOA.

Benefits of ceramic coatings:

  • Excellent non-stick effect and easy to clean
  • Extreme stability
  • High scratch resistance / abrasion resistance
  • Very high temperature resistance
  • Quick to heat
  • Shining and brilliant surface in all colours 
  • Guaranteed to be free from PFOA
  • Guaranteed to be suitable for food contact
  • Excellent adhesion to all current substrates
  • Available in various levels of quality
GREBLON PTFE Schnittgrafik

GREBLON® PTFE coatings

A Substrat
B Primer
C Mid coat
D Top coat

GREBLON® PTFE coatings increase the value of products, offer an excellent surface design and guarantee perfect non-stick effects. Almost nothing sticks to them, while they themselves offer an excellent adhesion to the substrate.The fluoropolymers used are specifically adaptable, temperature-resistant high-performance polymers, which give the material optimal function advantages, especially for use in high temperatures.

Benefits of PTFE-coatings

  • Excellent non-stick effect and easy to clean
  • Very good temperature resistance
  • High stability
  • High scratch resistance / abrasion resistance
  • High resistance to stains
  • Attractive surface in many colours
  • Guaranteed to be free from PFOA (since 2008)
  • Guaranteed to be suitable for food contact
  • Excellent adhesion to all current substrates
  • Support of the current application process
  • Available in various levels of quality

GREBLON® C2+ CamouTec

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