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We embrace diversity.

WEILBURER plastic coatings create a stylish surface design and offer superb solutions for modern trending and lifestyle products. A broad spectrum of high-quality colour- and effect coatings allows customers to create novel and striking surface designs for their products. With us, the design possibilities are unlimited. We therefore help the design teams of our clients to find trendy and innovative solutions.

No scratches visible! Resistant to household cleaning products! Durable! Thanks to outstanding scratch and chemical resistance, WEILBURGER plastic coatings ensure that our customers’ end products keep their design appeal even after heavy use.

Besides energy ratings, it is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to incorporate durable and eco-friendly products in their value chains. With our widely applicable plastic coatings, we offer our whole product portfolio as water-based variants (VOC-compliant).

WEILBURGER'S worldwide service guarantees perfectly tailored project implementation: from creative solutions for trendy products and support in the choice of carrier material and application procedure to technical services in the manufacturing process. This we call our Complete Package Worldwide.


WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings

Floor Care

As specialists in innovative plastic coatings, our product line Floor Care offers a specially tailored product portfolio for vacuum cleaners, window cleaning squeegees and other equipment [’and co.’ bedeutet ‘and company’]. Using a wide range of high-quality brilliant colour- and effect coatings, WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings create a classy coating design and present outstanding solutions for fashionable and lifestyle products. Try using our products to create your own innovative coating designs. With us, the design possibilities are limitless and so we help the design teams of our customers to find creative, trend-setting solutions.


WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings

Home Appliances

With coatings for home appliances, WEILBURGER offers a specially tailored portfolio of plastic coatings for air conditioners, crates, lamellae etc. The design aspect of air conditioning systems is becoming increasingly important. Weilburger Plastic Coatings for Home Appliances produce an aesthetic surface design. Several of our customers have relied on our silver- and metal-effect lacquers for many years. Our broad spectrum of high-grade, brilliant colour- and effect coatings enables customers to achieve exclusive and innovative coating designs for their products.


WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings

White Goods

As specialists in innovative plastic coatings, WEILBURGER offer a product portfolio specially geared to white goods, including a wide diversity of plastic components for washing machines, refrigerators, freezers etc. Whether we’re talking control panels, handle insets, buttons, solo-screens, pull rings, handles or switches, the WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings for White Goods product line has the ideal solution for your white goods.


WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings

Consumer Electronics

Be it for tablets, smartphones or TVs, WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings for Consumer Electronics has the right coating for every specification. Metallic, chrome-effect or multicolour finishes are becoming ever more popular. From brilliant silver through to glossy black, whether matte or high-gloss, smooth or textured, WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings for Consumer Electronics offer almost the entire range of colours and effects. WEILBURGER'S water-based chrome-effect lacquers set a new standard in this market.


WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings

Electrical Appliances

Whether for baking, grilling, smoothing or ironing, WEILBURGER Plastic Coatings for Consumer Electronics provide the optimal solution for diverse plastic components of irons, table top grills, hair smoothers and other electronic appliances. Today, many small electronic appliances rank as modern trending and lifestyle products. With us, the design options are limitless. That’s why our WEILBURGER experts work in close collaboration with the design teams of our customers to come up with creative, trend-setting solutions. With their exceptional scratch and chemical resistance, our coating solutions guarantee that our clients’ end products [keep their design appeal/lose none of their stylish appeal] even after heavy use.

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