When the thinnest film determines the quality

A lot of modern housewares achieve their quality and their functionality through a high-performance non-stick coating. They can only be convincing when they have a perfect all round finish. GREBLON® turns frying pans and bakeware, waffle makers and hair straighteners, even scissors and rollers into what they are.

  • GREBLON® Non-Stick Technology

    Our brand for non-stick coatings. Further Information: www.greblon.com

GREBLON® - the label for non-stick and convenience

GREBLON® has been the quality brand for non-stick and decorative external coatings of WEILBURGER Coatings for over 40 years. GREBLON® is PTFE as well as ceramics. Today GREBLON® covers the complete product range of high-quality PTFE coatings and ceramic coatings. Where non-stick effect and durability are concerned, GREBLON® has the quality features for both homeware and essential technical areas that leading producers rely on.

GREBLON® coatings – at home anywhere

When you need non-stick and at the same time decorative coatings and the quality of the coating is of crucial importance, GREBLON® plays a decisive role today. No matter whether on frying pans or bakeware, on small electrical devices or tools, GREBLON® coatings prove their excellent characteristics in every field of application.

The five GREBLON® product lines

We clearly structure our wide range of products in the respective markets. That is what the GREBLON® product lines stand for. There we strongly focus on the GREBLON® coating solutions which meet the requirements of the respective market best. This is what we call GREBLON® CEBTD – a broad range of specialized coating Solutions.

  • GREBLON® C – A guarantor on the frying pan

    Cooking and baking as required

    Today we offer GREBLON® non-stick coatings based on coatings containing either PTFE or innovative ceramic coatings for any type of cookware. Our product line GREBLON® C contains the complete product range of upmarket coating solutions from the basic single-layer coating to the triple layer which is reinforced with ceramics and which really sets new standards when it comes to durability and non-stick effect.

  • GREBLON® E – Because good looks are not enough

    It’s the application that is decisive

    GREBLON® E coatings give you just the right quality that is required for the specific electrical appliance which is supposed to work as well as possible. This is what the whole product line is adapted for. From the PTFE single layer, which gives good results for almost any appliance, via the PTFE double layer, which is reinforced with ceramics and therefore fulfils the highest expectations in terms of function and service life, to the ceramic double layer GREBLON® EK1, which is both extremely hard and extremely heat resistant.That way GREBLON® E for electrical applications covers a wide range of optimized coating solutions.

  • GREBLON® B – Good in any baking tin

    GREBLON® sets standards

    The product line GREBLON® B offers everything from the PTFE single layer GREBLON® B1 to the PTFE double layer GREBLON® B2+ which is reinforced with ceramics and therefore highly robust. That way we always have the right choice for the variety of cake and baking tins. The ceramic non-stick coating GREBLON® BK2, a double layer, gives particularly good results for baked goods containing sugar.

  • GREBLON® T – Adaptable and appliance-optimized

    Summation of the competences

    The ideal non-stick coating for technical products emerges from the coating, the technology and the process competence of the companies involved. As an innovative development partner of the most renowned producers in almost all market segments (GREBLON® CEBTD), Weilburger provides the basis which is the guarantee of success for such cooperative partnerships.

  • GREBLON® D – Coatings that touch the senses

    Tailored and decorative

    Thanks to the wide range of decorative exterior coatings GREBLON® D has to offer, all kinds of housewares and appliances for baking and cooking can be decorated in a customer-specific manner. Based on fluoropolymers, silicone polyesters and sol-gel technology, every coating product from the GREBLON® D line can be furnished with countless colour options while keeping all advantages of very good functional coatings on pots and pans, baking tins and small electrical appliances.

GREBLON® PTFE coatings:

  • available in different quality levels
  • high level of hardness
  • high level of scratch and abrasion resistance
  • appealing surface in many different colours
  • excellent non-stick effect and easy to clean
  • very good temperature resistance
  • high level of stain resistance
  • suitable for food contact

Ceramic GREBLON® coatings: 

  • Extreme hardness 
  • High level of scratch and abrasion resistance 
  • Shining and brilliant surfaces in all colours 
  • Easy to clean 
  • High level of temperature resistance 
  • Fast heating-up 
  • Guaranteed suitability for food contact

Further Information: www.greblon.com


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