Convincing Protective Coatings

They’re used on all kinds of household fires and have a quality that’s all their own. Excellent protection, a variety of visual options, high quality standards, clear process reliability along with real cost efficiency justify their worldwide distribution. The senotherm® coating systems have been best practice for high temperature for more than 40 years.

  • senotherm® - The High Temperature Coatings

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senotherm® – the best solution

senotherm® is far more than just corrosion protection for small household fires. senotherm® is process reliability and good workmanship, a good finish in terms of resistance, appearance and touch and well thought out sustainability for today. For high temperature, senotherm® offers the widest, most innovative and future-proof range of coating systems. They vary from conventional best practice coatings through sustainable solvent reduced Non-Smoker® coatings to innovative purely waterbased options. With market experience acquired over decades, market leadership in Europe and worldwide availability, senotherm® provides a complete and demand-oriented range of coating systems – for almost every kind of high thermally stressed surface, for stoves and their inserts, for flues and grills as well as for BBQ-Smokers. That’s why senotherm® is the best solution.

  • The best solutions for the home

    Conventional coating systems from the senotherm® CLASSIC range generally offer the very best in variety, process reliability and economic efficiency.

  • For an even stronger case

    Nowadays, sustainability for mankind and nature has become a serious argument in convincing market communication. Coating solutions from the senotherm® UHT range provide the proof for a solution that’s guaranteed to be sustainable.

  • The best coating for high temperature – in spite of water

    senotherm® UHT-HYDRO goes far beyond today’s basic requirements. Smoother, harder and guaranteed to be more sustainable: senotherm® UHT-HYDRO is probably the best coating for your small household fires – today and tomorrow.

Red hot innovation: senotherm® meets water

Waterbased coatings systems are already state-of-the-art in many industry sectors. So there’s been a need for temperature resistant waterbased coatings for some time. Until now there hasn’t been a coating system that could meet the high quality requirements in terms of temperature resistance, processing and appearance. As part of our intensive research and development work we’ve now succeeded in developing a waterbased high temperature coating system that meets these requirements.

senotherm® UHT-HYDRO – the clean solution for the future.

Non-Smoker® – the good Argument

In the range of senotherm® UHT and UHT-Hydro, final hardening occurs at room temperature. So, as the coating hardens during the production process it’s significantly more robust during transport and final assembly. Moreover, the end customer isn’t inconvenienced by the usual smoke and odour when first using the appliance. So senotherm® UHT and UHT-Hydro coating solutions become real senotherm® Non-Smoker® coatings and guarantee an excellent solution for the end customer.

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