Code of Conduct

This code defines the principles of Weilburger. Each person should take account of them in their daily work.  At the same time the code is also a basic principle for our suppliers with regard to their responsibility for mankind and the environment. 

Weilburger is a global manufacturer of industrial coatings that takes responsibility for the effects of its actions and commits itself to continuous improvement in all its areas of activity. 

Weilburger complies with all nationally applicable laws and regulations and respects all nationally recognised human rights. Of particular importance to Weilburger's area of operations are laws and regulations relating to the prevention of bribery and corruption, ensuring fair competition, respecting human rights, protecting employees, handling sensitive information and protecting the environment. 

No bribery / corruption / money laundering / financing of terrorism / illegal activities

Weilburger does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption. This includes any promise of payment and any payment of bribes and other illegal promises of payment or payments to authorities or other parties, as well as any recommendation or invitation to offer or accept them. Any form of money laundering, terrorist financing and other illegal activities as well as unlawful restrictive trade practices are strictly prohibited. 

Dealing with gifts and hospitality

Weilburger complies with all applicable national laws and standards for giving and accepting gifts, as well as applicable standards under the legal requirements of each jurisdiction. All personal gifts or hospitality must be low-value and considered customary. 

Fair competition / conflicts of interest

Weilburger complies with all nationally applicable competition laws. No illegal or fair competition restricting business methods are accepted. Weilburger takes conflicts of interest into account and requires its employees to report immediately any condition that could constitute or be perceived as a conflict of interest. 

Human rights

Weilburger respects all nationally recognised human rights. Weilburger takes into account international human rights as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Prohibition of discrimination

Weilburger treats all employees equally. Any discrimination based on gender, descent, language, home country and origin, faith, religious or political world view, disability, age or for racist reasons is prohibited. Threats, oppression, sexual harassment and / or bullying in any form will not be tolerated.

Rights of workers

Weilburger complies with all nationally applicable laws and regulations and respects the international core labour standards of the ILO. 

Weilburger is committed to treating its employees fairly, equally and with respect. Weilburger respects the personal dignity of all employees as well as their health, safety, privacy, freedom of religion and conscience.

Working Hours / Wages / Benefits / Overtime Pay

Working hours, wages, benefits and overtime pay are in accordance with national laws and applicable collective agreements.

Health Occupational safety / Freedom of association

Weilburger complies with all nationally applicable laws and standards concerning occupational safety and freedom of association. 

Weilburger works actively to prevent accidents and injuries by means of occupational safety management. All work-related injuries and illnesses are prevented to the best of our knowledge and belief. Weilburger actively seeks solutions to ensure the health of its employees. 

Weilburger respects the right of all workers to freely and voluntarily form and join workers' associations of their choice. 

No forced labour / no human trafficking

No form of bonded labour, forced labour or work with fear of punishment is allowed. Employees work of their own free will and for pay and are free to leave the company and change employment if they wish. 

Weilburger does not tolerate or accept any form of human trafficking and endeavours to ensure that employees involved in the transport of goods ensure that no human trafficking takes place during the transport of the products.

No child labour

Child labour shall not be permitted. Every child shall be protected from economic exploitation and from performing work which may adversely affect the child's education or be harmful to the child's health or development. 

Child labour is defined as work performed by a child under the age of 15. 

Dangerous work must not be carried out unsupervised by persons aged 15-18 years. 

Environmental protection / resource conservation

Weilburger complies with all nationally applicable laws and regulations and handles natural resources responsibly. Weilburger permanently strives for sensible ways to conserve resources and ensures appropriate handling of waste. Water discharges and emissions to air are recorded and efforts are made to minimise waste and wastewater. The return of recyclable materials to the raw material cycle in order to sustainably reduce the negative environmental impact is constantly in our focus.

Confidentiality / protection of personal data

Weilburger strictly observes rules of confidentiality with regard to personnel, customers, business partners and company secrets. The protection of and handling of personal data complies with legal requirements. 


Weilburger is committed to open and dialogue-oriented communication of this Code of Conduct and its active implementation towards employees, customers, suppliers and other groups. 

Customer audits

In principle, Weilburger is open to customer audits at all locations and facilities.