Coatings for wood and furniture industry

Permanent Embellishment and Finish

Elegant surfaces for long-lasting product life cycles: That's what WEILBURGER coating solutions provide for the furniture industry.  For this purpose, we offer a wide range of optimized coating systems for all traditional applications to display the natural beauty of the material as well as shape and form at its best.

Coatings for floors

Nature from Cork to Parquet

To preserve naturalness and beauty of wood from the daily chemical and mechanical stress is a core challenge for industrial wood coating. WEILBURGER'S comprehensive product range lets you select the right product for each system configuration and desired performance profile.

Our coating solutions for the wood and furniture industry include:

WEILBURGER Coatings Möbelindustrie Qualität

Our existing product range provides suitable aqueous paints and varnishes for all applications traditional for chair varnishing.

Our aqueous stains have a good wood grain enhancement and excellent migration resistance so that aqueous dip coatings may also be used as primer..

WEILBURGER Coatings Moebelindustrie Band

Excellent sandability and block stability are a basic prerequisite for state-of-the-art aqueous systems.  

Resistance requirements acc. to DIN EN 12720 / DIN 68861 are met just as the absence of heavy metals acc. DIN EN 71.  

We offer suitable varnishes for all drying versions such as refrigeration, LED, UV, microwave and infrared drying.


For the parquet industry, we offer solvent-free, radiation-curing complete compounds. The wide product portfolio allows for a basis selection of UV putty, hydro stains, UV hydro adhesion primers, UV roller coatings, special UV primers and UV finish coatings for each system configuration and each desired performance profile.

WEILBURGER Coatings Fußböden Sofa

Depending on customer specifications, the systems can be produced as "highly abrasion-resistant" or "highly viscoelastic". 

All current abrasion tests such as Taber Abraser S42, S33 or SIS can be run in our test lab.

WEILBURGER Coatings Fußböden

Processability and application parameters are tested in our lab on roller and putty equipment under actual production conditions.

Technical Floor Coatings  

Solvent-free, UV or AB-curing floor coatings with outstanding abrasion resistance. Conductive coatings in various colors from light grey to black are available for industrial applications.

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