Environmental Protection

Within the range of environmental protection the companies of the chemical industry are subjected to a multiplicity of legal regulations and laws which have to be considered in the scope of investments.

Within Weilburger, the realization of these legal measures is a matter of course. Particularly it is tightly connected with the protection of our employees and fellow-men. We use efficient processes in the development and production of our varnishes and coatings. Already during the planning of new plants we pay attention to an avoidance of resulting by-products and wastes and their optimal use. 


Clean exhaust air

dust samplers

... thermal afterburning of solvent vapours

Low emissions

... production in closed tanks wherever possible

... most of our products are water borne or solvent free

... recycling of cleaning solvents

is is worthwhile for the company and the environment. With our innovative products we contribute to a safe environment and to a reduction of the consumption of resources. To the advantage of our customers and the society.

The selection of raw materials used for the development is performed under consideration of a maximal environmental compatibility and health protection.

Recycling is an indispensable component in todays industry. In the franconian location in Gerhardshofen, cleaning water is treated by ultrafiltration. The result is a resin used in other industries. As an alternative product it is delivered to the industries. This cooperation with our customers delivering their waste water to our recycling plant is a considerable contribution to the protection of raw material resources. Whenever our R&D-Team develops new products, environmental protection plays an important role: Modern products have to be ecologically beneficial to be accepted by our customers. Thus economic efficiency and environment protection are connected tightly in the development of innovative processes.

Success in the areas of environmental protection and safety requires an engaged, competent and responsible behaviour of all co-workers. Therefore employees are trained to respect environmental protection and safety procedures.

Emissions of so-called greenhouse gases can be reduced by an efficient handling of fossil sources. An efficient power generation as well as a decreasing consumption of energy not only are a main contribution to climate protection but also is in the economical interest of Weilburger.

Worldwide, the demand for environment protection increases more and more. Even in Asia, we invest in environment protection comparable to German standards. For example, during the setting-up of the production plant in India special importance was attached to the preservation of existing trees on the building site as well as a small damp biotope.