WEILBURGER Coatings for Building Elements

Quicker Response to High Expectations

Our industrial coating systems for the door and gate construction give you a wide variety of colours with optimal weather and corrosion protection. Our clients can expect this from us.

To really service sophisticated dealers and consumers to the best of our abilities, any special colours – even in small quantities – can be produced available within short. Being a highly capable supplier – this is how we support our clients. 

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Our SENOPUR and SENODUR systems will convince you:

  • SENODUR primers, adapted for automated painting, quick-drying, can be repainted wet on wet, for a really efficient production.
  • A tailor-made, "ready for use" SENOPUR topcoat system with a solids content of more than 75 % to realize actual savings of time and material.  
  • Low heat absorption and higher dimensional stability of components based on our innovative Cool Colour technology.

Our active contribution to the industrial 4.0 model for door and gate construction: State-of-the-art automated mixing technology when using our ColorMix 4.0 software. This sets up the smallest paint plant inside the customer's facilities.

Peter Fuchs

Division Manager

Phone: +49 171 7410186
Mobile:: +49 171 7410186
E-Mail: p.fuchs@weilburger.com

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Fred Pfeifer

Head of R&D

Phone: +49 6471 315 185
Mobile:: +49 171 865 2377
Fax: +49 6471 315 5185
E-Mail: f.pfeifer@weilburger.com

Ahäuser Weg 12-22
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