rotocoat® - Coatings for Small Items and Zippers

With the rotocoat® line, we are a global leader in the provision of enamel coatings for small items and Zippers (eyelets, buckles, rivets, buttons and zip-pulls).

This is a market in constant evolution, which is particularly sensitive to fashion trends. Under the banner of the Coatings in Evolution slogan, our coatings for zippers and small items is the ideal solution to obtain a quality finish on small items and in metal, plastic or wood.

Specifically designed for heated rotating drum tasks, the polymerisation of the rotocoat® glazes for small items and zippers takes place through the use of hardening agents of various types, depending on the specific requirements of the customer. The monopigmented bases also enable any colour or shade of colour to be obtained with a wide range of special effects. The rotocoat® bi-component epoxy glazes for imitation jewellery made of plastic, metal and wood offer flexible solutions and immediate responses, supported by a continuous service of local technical support.

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Shiny high quality glazes for zippers  

rotocoat® includes a special line of high quality single component thermosetting acrylic glazes for zippers, able to withstand high temperatures: SENOCRYL®. Also in this case, the special glazes for the coating of the zippers are offered with a wide range of special effects and auxiliary products. rotocoat® coatings for small items and zippers: flexible solutions and immediate Responses.

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