WEILBURGER coatings for Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Protection, Function, Design and Automation

Traditionally, WEILBURGER is closely tied in to mechanical and plant engineering. In addition to classic coatings for gas meters and lift trucks, a wide portfolio of water-soluble 1K and 2K paints as well as primers for numerous application areas are available. Our ColorMix 4.0 software for state-of-the-art automated mixing technology contributes our share to more flexibility and higher speed.

One of Germany's key industries, i.e. mechanical and plant engineering, is currently lined up with the latest industrial 4.0 model, where automation is compulsory and all the more reason for us to accompany the future with our product range. 

Generally our active outstanding flexibility and ability to deliver are greatly contributing that our clients' products can also be delivered „just in time“ when being coated. And while the excellent corrosion resistance against various oils, drilling and cutting emulsions etc. as well as the rather high weather resistance of the products guarantee high-quality and longevity to the clients on their respective markets, superb colouring will achieve excellent effect.

The right solution

In addition to water-soluble 1K and 2K paints and primers, our 2K paints combined with appropriate primers and 2K epoxy primers are used for special requirements (e.g. shearing oils, Avivage). Of course we offer structural paints with or without silicone aside from the hammer finish paints traditionally used in mechanical engineering.

Furthermore and in order to go live with the industrial 4.0 model, our clients and our development division are jointly pushing innovative coating products in order to stay competitive in future.

Daraus resultiert auch unser Beitrag zum Industriemodel:

Our logical contribution to the industrial model: state-of-the-art automated mixing technology using our ColorMix 4.0 software. This sets up the smallest paint plant inside the customer's facilities:

  • A formula recipe providing 8,000 different colour shades 
  • Different paint systems can be mixed, from EP smooth textured paint up to a 2K PUR textured paint
  • Any gloss level can be achieved
  • Recipes for special colour shades can be developed within 48 hours
  • High colour accuracy
  • Small quantities can be produced from 1 kg
  • Operates easy as pie
  • Low maintenance

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