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WEILBURGER - Industrial coating solutions

WEILBURGER industrial coating solutions create values and convincing product benefits everywhere, worldwide and 
in all industrial sectors. The division +COATINGS offers coating solutions for a multitude of products innearly every branch of industry. (e.g. railway, cookware, stoves and more). The division +GRAPHICS improves our portfilio with special coatings for the graphic industry. 

Industrial Coatings for:


Railway Vehicles

With the product brand senorail®, Weilburger offers a broad product portfolio for side walls, roofs, components, bogies and the interior of railway vehicles.

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senotherm® | High temperature

Stoves and Heating Appliances

WEILBURGER +COATINGS senotherm Produktbild

senotherm® is the high temperature coating solution with a future-proof portfolio available worldwide for stoves, stoves inserts, flues, etc.

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GREBLON® | Non-stick coating



Whether for cookware, small electrical appliances, baking tins, tools or decorative exterior coating, with a wide range of coating solutions, GREBLON® always offers the right non-stick coating for every application.

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GREBLON® INS | Non Stick Coating

Industrial Bakery


Our new GREBLON® Industrial Bakery Coatings open up one of the broadest and most innovative ranges of Non-Stick technology solutions for use in a large industrial bakery.

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Glass Products

WEILBURGER +COATINGS senoglas Produktbild

WEILBURGER glass coatings create individual designs for cosmetics, beverages, tableware and other decorative glass products.

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Eyewear Industry

WEILBURGER +COATINGS senoptic Produktbild

With senoptic® Weilburger offers unique coatings for plastic and metal glasses. Creativity and innovation are the formula for success for senoptic® to easily meet all technical and aesthetic requirements.

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Aluminium Packaging

WEILBURGER +COATINGS Protaral Produktbild

protaral® are interior coatings for aluminium packaging, essential for protecting the quality of the products and preventing damage to the material with which they come in contact.

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Small Items and Zippers

WEILBURGER +COATINGS rotocoat Produktbild

With the rotocoat® series we are the world leader in enamel coatings for small parts and zippers as well as for eyelets, buckles, rivets and sliders.

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Furniture Industry and Floors

WEILBURGER +COATINGS Möbel-/Fußbodenindustrie Produktbild

Weilburger offers a wide range of coatings for furniture, contract furniture, doors, furniture edge bands, etc.

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Plastic Products

WEILBURGER +COATINGS Kunststoff Produktbild

Whether small electrical appliances, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers or televisions, Weilburger offers innovative and unique coatings for trend and lifestyle products made of plastic.

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Defence Technology

WEILBURGER +COATINGS Wehrtechnik Produktbild

With more than 40 years of experience, WEILBURGER is today the market leader for the coating of armoured vehicles in the defence industry in Germany.

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Mechanical and Plant Engineering

WEILBURGER +COATINGS Maschinen/Anlagenbau Produktbild

Traditionally, WEILBURGER is closely tied in to mechanical and plant engineering. In addition to classic coatings for gas meters and lift trucks, a wide portfolio of water-soluble 1K and 2K paints as well as primers for numerous application areas are available.

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Building Elements

WEILBURGER +COATINGS Bauelemente Produktbild

Our industrial paint systems for door and gate construction provide a wide range of colours with optimum weather and corrosion protection.

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Special coatings for the Graphic Industry:

Dispersion Coatings

GRAPHICS Dispersionslacke Teaser

Our broad product range of water-based coatings for the graphic arts industry for various application processes.

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UV Lacquers

GRAPHICS UV Lacke Teaser

Our broad product range of UV-curing lacquers for the graphic arts industry for various application processes and lamp systems.

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Oil-based Print Varnishes

Our product range of oil-based varnishes for the graphic arts industry.

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Flexo Inks and Coatings

GRAPHICS Flexofarben und Lacke Teaser

Our broad product portfolio of coatings and high pigmented inks for flexographic printing systems.

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Screen Printing Lacquers

GRAPHICS Siebdrucklacke Teaser

Our broad product catalogue of standard and effect lacquers for screen printing.

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GRAPHICS Kleber Teaser

Our range of film laminating, folding box and cold foil adhesives.

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Pencil Lacquers

GRAPHICS Bleistiftlacke Teaser

Solvent-based and water-based matt to high-gloss inks and varnishes for continuous push-through, dipping and drum processes.

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