senoptic® - plastic and metall eyewear coatings

Unique coatings for plastic & metal eyewear

Known and appreciated all over the world, our coatings for eyewear frames made of plastic, metal and metal – plastics provide optimal solutions to suit any technical and aesthetic requirement. Creativity and innovation, the senoptic® formula for the eyewear coatings. 

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Sustainable in function and design

The wide range of coatings for metal, plastic and senoptic® metal-plastic eyewear includes top, primer and single-layer of high quality. The senoptic® coatings for eyewear are available in different finishes and in a wide choice of colours, in order to also meet the most technical and stylistic needs. In addition to the comprehensive catalogue of products there is also the production of custom coatings, tailor made coatings for eyewear created to respond to specific technical and stylistic requirements.

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