Quality Policy

The WEILBURGER companies have a set the objective of becoming one of the most successful medium-sized, independent manufacturers of industrial coatings. 

We will accomplish this through our commitment to customer needs, as well as through continuously improving our products and process by offering high quality products and first rate competent service. 

In addition, we have set the objective of not only meeting our customers’ expectations by providing innovative products, but to exceed customer expectations. 

We are committed to maintaining long-term relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers, and stakeholders on the basis of mutual trust and sustainability.

Food Safety and GMP

The WEILBURGER companies specialize in the production of industrial coatings and coatings approved for food contact.

Our products are designed and manufactured according to the legal and customer specific requirements for use in the food industry.

As part of our quality management, there is a continuous systematic evaluation, control and review of our food contact approved products as well as our organizational processes.

Distinctive Weilburger Quality

The consequent application and continuous improvement of our process orientated quality management system is certified according to the regulation DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our term of quality is enlarged by the term of process quality resulting in an outstanding product quality. We offer improved functionality and reliability to our customers. This results in an enhanced process safety and economical efficiency for our customers.

Qualität ISO