Successful 4th Packaging Inspiration Forum of PrintCity

Gerhardshofen, 2016 December 29 – WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH can look back on a successful 4th Packaging Inspiration Forum in Hamburg together with the PrintCity and their members.

It was a successful event with about 100 attendees at the Grand Elysée hotel in Hamburg.

Extended networking breaks invited the guests to expand their professional network.

Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH at the presentation of the new DIAMOND MATT application procedure for highly scratch resistant, matt UV lacquer effects.

Appraisal of DIAMOND MATT samples by technically adept visitors of the forum.

Bastian Schäfer, Head of Technical Service of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH at his presentation about barrier solutions.

Also the invitation card was explained technically and the individual effects as well as its finishing were introduced.

The companies invited to introduce new trends, procedures, materials as well as viability of the current and future packaging industry and to study and discuss together with 100 attendees of the forum for the fourth time already from November 09 – 10.


In addition to various presentations on the subject, the event is characterized by individual breakout-sessions, these are different workshops about packaging-specific topics, as well as extended networking breaks.


The detailed program of this year:




Werner T. Fuchs, marketing and advertising expert

Packaging is more than a matter of taste
Neuroscientific view to the impact of outwardness


Christian Klemenz, Founder & Managing Director, St. ERHARD
Authenticity, consumption, excellency
How the packaging convey the values of a Craft Beer startup


Future technologies & inspiration part 1: 3D effects
Applications and effects

Heinz Brocker (Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG)
Jürgen Scheuer (Kurz)
Carsten Brabänder (Merck)



Future technologies & inspiration part 2: Varnishes, cardboard, RGB & Digital Metal
Applications and effects


Arno Dürr (Weilburger)
Stefan Kranz (MetsäBoard)
Peter Clauter (Merck)
Michael Nagel (Kurz)


Economic efficiency of digital printing
Procedure and parameters at digital production

Werner Schwab, Heidelberg Web Carton Converting
Christoph Gauss, Canon





(A) Future technologies & inspiration: 3D effects

Realization and implementation

Heinz Brocker (Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG)
Jürgen Scheuer (Kurz)
Carsten Brabänder (Merck)


(B) Future technologies & inspiration: Varnishes, cardboard, RGB & Digital Metal
Realization and implementation

Arno Dürr (Weilburger)
Stefan Kranz (MetsäBoard)
Peter Clauter (Merck)
Michael Nagel (Kurz)


(C) Barrier technologies for packaging

Stefan Kranz (Metsä Board)
Bastian Schäfer (Weilburger)


(D) Packaging design, finishing and realization
Ecomonic oppurtunities & productions limits


Alexander Dort, Designer & Medienproducer


Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about the successful event: “We are already planning the Packaging Inspiration Forum together with the PrintCity as well as many other members and partners for the fourth year. We are very pleased to note that our small but fine event has now established itself as a permanent institution in the market. Especially the mix of brandowners, creatives and packaging producers among the visitors makes this forum to an ideal platform for all participants to look beyond their own horizons as well as to view chances and problems from other perspectives. This creates understanding, perspectives and invites the participants to expand their network and form successful collaborations for future projects.” Arno Dürr concludes: “We are already looking forward to the 5th Packaging Inspiration Forum which will be held in the spring 2018 in the proven Grand Elysée Hotel in Hamburg.”


Further information:


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