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About this app

We offer you this app to expand our range of services. For this purpose, we have enhanced the app with a very extensive range of functions and have paid attention to maximum benefit in the daily use of our products. Our service app is designed to enable direct contact with the appropriate service representative for you according to your company location. To do this, simply enter your contact details in the support menu and the app will automatically recognize your responsible contact person and save this data for you. From then on, you can have all further communication in direct contact with your personal contact person. We have deliberately avoided cloud-based communication and use the local memory of your end device only, as well as the GDPR-compliant communication channel via your standard email client. This gives you full control over your communication and you can also find all support requests generated from the app in your mailbox at any time.

The functional scope of our service app is designed in such a way that you and your purchasers, but also your production team, experience a high level of added value through the use of our app. For example, we have already integrated a product number converter into the app as part of our product number changeover, which started in January 2023. With its help, you can convert our familiar old product numbers into our new product numbers simply by a click. Currently, our 100 best-selling products are already integrated into the app and we will provide more products for you in the future at a high update frequency. As long as you activate the auto-update for your app, you do not need to follow any further steps after the installation and will always have the current status of our app and product data available on your end devices.

We have also greatly expanded the functionality of our well-known and popular coating calculator and integrated it into the new service app. In addition to our coatings, you can now also calculate our printing coatings and even pigments extensively via the app according to your planned production data. We have even integrated the selection of suitable anilox rollers - depending on the pigment selected - into our app, thus making production planning and calculation much easier for you, even when applying our pigment coatings. Of course, our app also remembers all job-specific parameters for your specific print job and then summarizes all the information into a clear support request for you. You can even order our technical data sheets, safety data sheets and certificates at the same time.

Our goal as your supplier for high-quality varnishes, flexo inks and adhesives and your reliable service partner is to offer you the fastest and easiest support per inquiry and order, and we hope that you and your team will appreciate and learn to love our new service app in daily use.

If you would like to have any special enhancements integrated into the app, if you are missing features or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us or simply tell your personal service contact directly via the app. We look forward to your feedback!



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Native App for iOS and Android

Native App for iOS

You can find the WEILBURGER Service-App as a native and multilingual app (German, English) for iPhones and iPads via this link:

Native App for Android

You can find the WEILBURGER Service App as a native and multilingual app (German, English) for Android Phones and Tablets via this link:

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